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Cheltenham and Gloucester Bank Contact Telephone Number

Bank security information: the basics

Banks want to make sure that their customers' information is safe will take a series of well thought measures for their clients' sake. This might be a little bothersome for some of those clients, as they might need to provide information or passcodes in order to complete certain transactions, and some operations will be carried out only if the customer is present at the bank branch. Of course, as any company, a bank will never want to make these operations more complicated for their customers unless there is an important reason for that, a reason that is directly linked to the nature of the service they provide.

Banks hold their clients' money or assets, so they must take extra security measures in order to ensure their safety. Nowadays, it is possible to manage your accounts and order transactions without being present at the bank, in example with mobile banking or phone calls. The bank must make sure it is really you who are intending to make payments or manage your money. Hence the creation of a data check protocol, which means that you will have to provide security information in case that you want to make changes or hire new services on the phone.

Here are a few tips on what sort of information you might need to provide for each case.

Cheltenham and Gloucester Bank

Cheltenham and Gloucester is a savings and mortgage bank with a history of over 150 years in the United Kingdom, and currently it is part of the Lloyds Bank Group. It has been providing mortgage deals for a long time as well as holidng saving accounts in England and Wales. You might want to contact the bank for a number of reasons regarding your mortgage loans or your savings account. If you want to do so, you might be required to provide certain security information in order to ensure the safety of your assets. 

For general enquiries, you can cotact the Cheltenham and Gloucester Bank on the following number.

0844 850 0133


If you want to find about Cheltehham and Gloucester's deals on mortgages, how to apply for a mortgage. or general mortgage information, you should be aware that the bank hasn't been offering new mortgage deals since September 2013. However, if you have already engaged on a mortgage deal and you would like to either change the payment terms or make an enquiry, you can contact them on the phone. 

You also have the option to extend your mortgage if you are planning to move again, expand your home or make a big purchase like a car. Even if the bank does no longer provide new mortgage deals, you can still extend or modify the terms of your current mortgage. You will also need to contact the bank if you want to add or remove people from your mortgage, because you will need its permission in order to do so. Your case will be revised and you will get an answer.

Here is a list of data you will need to provide if you want to make changes to your mortgage:

1. Details on your monthly or year income. This includes any source of money you have, like a salary or any other sort of job payment, retirement, rent income and so on.

2. Details on your bank account. You should be able to access these on your home banking or your card summary.

3. Your mortgage account number.

4. Any outstanding financial commitments that might impact your personal finances and your possibilities for repayment.

5. Address details for the last three months. Remember that if you move home you need to let the bank know, regardless of whether or not you want to extend your mortgage to finance your removal.


Clients at Cheltenham and Gloucester Bank used to have a special autmated phone service for managing their savings account, called the Telephone Transaction Service. However, this service is no longer available. If you hold a savings account on G&C and you want to make a transaction, request for information or make a complaint, the general helpline number is what you need to contact.

Managing your savings is often simpler than a mortgage deal, but here is some important information on savings for you to bear in mind. If you leave your savings account inactive for a period of three years, your account will become dormant. You can still reactivate it, and in order to do so you need to contact C&G on the telephone. You will be required to provide personal identification. Any document that certify identity will be enough. Also, any information you have on the dormant account, such as account number, name of the account holder, and date of opening or last transaction, will be useful for the bank in order to trace and reactivate it.

You can activate not only an account of your own but also of any member of your family.

Cheltenham And Gloucester Bank


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Aylesbury (1-3 Market Street)


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Cheltenham (153 High Street)
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Chingford (36 Old Church Road)
Chippenham (20 Borough Parade)
Chipping Norton (11 High Street)
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Cirencester (37 Market Place)
Colchester (2 Culver Street West)
Coventry (15 High Street)
Cowley (5 Pound Way)
Croydon (106 North End)


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Fareham (123 West Street)
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Grimsby (43 Victoria Street)
Guildford (233 High Street)


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Harrow (322 Station Road)
Hereford (59 Commercial Street)
High Wycombe (1 Church Street)
Hitchin (3 Brand Street)
Holborn (120 High Holborn)
Hucclecote (49 Hucclecote Road)
Huddersfield (5 Ramsden Street)
Hull (51 Jameson Street)


Ilford (82 High Road)
Ipswich (16 Buttermarket)



Kingston Upon Thames (82a Eden Street)


London (116 Chancery Lane)
London (68 Baker Street)


Maidstone (16 High Street)
Malvern (51 Church Street)
Manchester (36 Cross Street)
Moreton-in-marsh (21 High Street)


Newbury (26 Northbrook Street)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (15 Ridley Place)
Newport (80 Bridge Street)
Newport (119 High Street)
Northampton (71 Abington Street)
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Nottingham (7 Beast Market Hill)


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Old Hill (217 Halesowen Road)
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Pershore (23 High Street)
Peterborough (40 Long Causeway)
Petersfield (29 High Street)
Plymouth (162 Armada Way)
Poole (7 Falkland Square)
Portsmouth (3 Arundel Street)
Preston (96 Fishergate)
Putney (119 High Street)


Quedgeley (Severnvale Shopping Centre Bristol Road)


Reading (200-202 Broad Street)
Redditch (4 Unicorn Hill)
Redhill (44 The Belfrey Centre)
Romford (3 Stewards Walk)
Ross-on-wye (9a Gloucester Road)
Rugby (26 Sheep Street)


Salisbury (32 High Street)
Sheffield (33-35 Charles Street)
Sherborne (45 Cheap Street)
Shrewsbury (45 High Street)
Sidcup (22 High Street)
Slough (160 High Street)
Solihull (58 Poplar Road)
Southampton (20 London Road)
Southend (32 London Road)
St. Albans (8 Chequer Street)
St. Austell (4 Church Street)
Stourbridge (106 High Street)
Stratford-upon-avon (7 Union Street)
Stroud (5 High Street)
Sutton (94 High Street)
Sutton Coldfield (126 Gracechurch Centre)
Swansea (11 Union Street)
Swindon (31 The Parade)


The Pavilion Queens Square (Unit 9)
The Centre: Milton Keynes (549 Midsummer Boulevard)
Taunton (34 North Street)
Tewkesbury (143 High Street)
Torquay (43 Union Street)
Truro (95-96 Pydar Street)
Tunbridge Wells (62 Mount Pleasant Road)
Twickenham (38 King Street)


Uxbridge (24 Chequers Square)



West Street (Unit 1 Springfield Court)
Walsall (41 Bridge Street)
Waltham Abbey (20 Sun Street)
Ware (35 High Street)
Warrington (7 Butter Market Street)
Warwick (17 Market Street)
Watford (40 High Street)
Wells (42 High Street)
Weston-super-mare (12 Walliscote Road)
Winchester (142 High Street)
Witney (13 High Street)
Wolverhampton (2 Queen Street)
Wootton Bassett (10-11 Borough Fields Shopping Centre)
Worcester (24 Mealcheapen Street)
Wotton Under Edge (11 Long Street)



Yeovil (King George Street)
York (25 Parliament Steet)


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