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Co op Bank Contact Telephone Number

Financial information is among the most sensitive data in the world today, and it has become the most sought after targets by frauds. This is why it is very vital to always be cautious of any activity that might give loopholes to criminals. At best, you can have your money stolen and at worst, your identity can be stolen and used in various criminal activities which could land you in jail. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect your information at all costs and avoid sharing it unnecessarily.

But what happens when things go wrong and you need to make a call to have stuff fixed? What happens when your credit card is stolen and you need to report it immediately but you are nowhere near your local branch? What if you have just received a notification of a withdrawal you didn’t make? What if you realize that you have just made a payment to a wrong account? Well, bad things do happen every once in a while. However, even as you plan to write that email or make that phone call or visit your local branch, there are a few security measures that you should have at the back of your mind.

Why You May Need To Call Co-Op Bank

Co-op bank offers a variety of services to a range of customers. You may have a personal concern that you would like to raise over the services you receive or have a general query. For general concerns, it is convenient to check out the official Co-op Bank Website on the FAQs pages. If you do not get the appropriate information, you can then contact the bank. Some of the services offered by the bank include:

Online banking

Banking services – current and savings accounts

Credit cards

Mortgage services


Security Measures When Calling Your Bank

Telephone banking fraud is a favorite among criminals. Frauds prefer to get sensitive information via the phone because the victim rarely has time to think through the questions and by the time one realizes they have talked too much, it is often too late. Therefore, before you make that call or receive a call back, here are some things you should always remember.

Always Use an Authenticated Number

Frauds are known to give out telephone numbers that look a lot like your bank number. Therefore, before you call the Co-op Bank, be sure to have the right number. If you are looking for a telephone number of your local branch (as opposed to the national contact), be sure to get it from a secure site. There are so many websites today masquerading as authentic bank sites. To get you started on the right path, you can use the Co-op Bank Helpline 0844 850 0134.

Be Careful Of the Information You Give

It is one thing to get the right number and another to be cautious of the information you give over the phone. For starters, your phone could be tapped or there could be someone listening to your conversation especially if you are in a public place or a fraud could be spoofing the authentic number.

When on phone, do not give confidential information such as your ATM card PIN, your social security number and such. If you are reporting a stolen credit card that you want locked, you may be required to provide information that proves you are the authentic card holder. While some of the information may be sensitive, the bank staff will be sure to ask for information that will contribute to identity theft. This means that they may ask for partial credit card number and partial ID number but will never ask for full information such as your full card number, PIN and passwords and so on. Always be on the lookout for suspicious questions.

Listen Carefully To the Person You Talk To

When calling the bank, the first thing that the staff does is to give their proper identity. The staff should clearly say their name, bank name and branch before they even ask you to state your concern. Anyone who does not volunteer this information should be treated with suspicion.

Additionally, if the person pressures you to give information by creating some sort of urgency without proper identification, it is wise to trend with caution. In most cases, the sense of urgency is created to confuse your mind into worrying instead of raising suspicion. And if you suspect any number, hang up immediately and call someone else before you call the bank.

Keep In Mind

Security is a shared responsibility between your bank and you. Co-op Bank has placed adequate measures to protect your data, make sure you are alert and do your part to avoid being scammed.

Co Op Bank


Aberdare (19 Duke Street)
Ashton (1 Market Place)


Barnsley (11 Peel Square)
Bolton (19 Knowsley Street)
Bradford (6 Tyrrel Street)
Brighton (164/165 Western Road)
Bristol (16 St Stephens Street)


Cambridge (75 Burleigh Street)
Cardiff (16-17 High Street)
Chatham (26 Military Road)
Chelmsford (11 Market Road)
Chester (54/56 Northgate Street)
Chester-le-street (Front Street)
Chesterfield (15 Elder Way)
Coventry (6 Warwick Row)
Crewe (17 Victoria Street)
Croydon (91 George Street)
Cwmbran (40 Gwent Square)
Chorley Road (Civic Centre)


Darlington (2b Duke Street)
Dartford (14 Hythe Street)
Derby (31 East Street)
Doncaster (31 St Sepulchre Gate)
Durham (29 High Street)


Exeter (242 High Street)



Glasgow (29 Gordon Street)
Gloucester (23a St Aldate Street)


High Street (Albert Hall Building)
Hanley (2 Town Road)
Hove (Nevill Road)
Huddersfield (42 Victoria Lane)
Hull (22 Alfred Gelder Street)


Ipswich (11/13 Princes Street)
Islington (1 Islington High Street)



Kingston (17 High Street)


London (80 Cornhill)
London (62/64 Southampton Row)


Macclesfield (1 Chestergate)
Matlock (Crown Square)
Manchester (1 Balloon Street)
Meridian Way (The Meridian Centre)


North Belfast (18 Donegall Sqaure)
Newcastle Under Lyme (31 High Street)
Newport (27/29 Commercial Street)
Northampton (65/65a Abington Street)
Norwich (69 London Street)
Nottingham (4/5 Exchange Walk)
Nuneaton (5 New Century Way)


Oxford (13 New Road)


Peterborough (33 Westgate)
Plymouth (160 Armada Way)
Pontypool (2 Commercial Street)
Portsmouth (46/48 Arundel Street)
Preston (147 Church Street)


Queen Street (Co-operative House)


Reading (34 St Marys Butts)
Rochdale (110 Yorkshire Street)
Romford (1 South Street)
Rotherham (27 Bridgegate)


Saint Peter Port (2 Market Street)
Spindles Centre (12 Market Place)
Sheffield (84/86 West Street)
Solihull (34/38 High Street)
Southampton (61 Above Bar Street)
Southend (40 London Road)
Stafford (42 Greengate Street)
Stockport (1 St Peters Square)
Swansea (34 The Kingsway)
Swindon (4/5 Regent Circus)


The Rhiw (Unit 1)
Tyne and Wear (5/6 Fawcett Street)
Tamworth (8 Colehill)




Wakefield (8 Providence Street)
Walsall (3/5 The Bridge)
Walthamstow (151/155 Hoe Street)
Warrington (12-14 Old Market Place)
Watford (3/7 Market Street)
West Bromwich (262 High Street)
Wigan (10 Market Street)
Wolvehampton (1/2 Dudley Street)
Wood Green (195 High Road (library Arcade))



York (15/17 Feasgate)


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