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Santander Bank Contact Telephone Number

Contacting Santander Bank for All Your Banking Needs

Banks have been evolving at a rapid rate. They have realized that in order to satisfy the growing demands of their customers, they need to improve their services. Security is among the greatest concerns of the people when it comes to banking these days. Whether it is online banking or phone banking, there are several security risks that are involved which the banks need to iron out in order to gain the trust of their customers. In order to do that most banks have come up with security measures which ensure that only the customers are granted access to their bank account details even when they are contacting the bank through telephone.

What Security Information is Required When Contacting the Bank

Banks have been viewing security as a major threat to their business. This is the reason why they have come up with certain safeguards to ensure that the security breaches can be minimized. One of the safety precautions that the banks have worked on is that of asking for security information from clients who contact the bank via telephone to find out details about their account. In the past, banks didn’t ask for any security information to give out bank details which resulted in sensitive banking information being leaked into the wrong hands. So, now this is avoided at all costs.

Banks like Santander Bank have identified certain security information that has to be provided by the clients before they are given the details of their bank accounts. The security details that you might be asked for when you contact Santander bank using their phone number 0844 850 0219 include, your name, your bank account number or the mobile number that you have registered with your bank account number.  

Ways to Gather Information from Banks

With the banks becoming concerned about security so much, they safety checks have been growing in number. Clients have to go through a number of security check points before they are allowed access to their bank details. To remain updated about these security checks, the customer need ways through which they can gather the relevant information from the banks. The following are some of the ways through which you can find out the information you need from Santander Bank.

•    UK-Based Call Centres

Santander Bank has a number of UK-based call centres that can be contacted for any information regarding the banks regulations and safety features. You will have to call this number 0844 850 0219 in order to talk to one of the call centre operatives. They will listen to all of your queries and are going to provide you with the details that you are looking for. If they can’t satisfy your concerns then they will direct you to someone who can.  

•    Bank Branch

If you want to find detailed answers to your questions then the best way for you to get them is to visit the nearest branch of Santander Bank in your area. There are branches located in each and every area of UK. You can find their location from the website of the Bank. You can always ask for directions of the branch by calling in on the phone number 0844 850 0219. The branch staff members are going to ensure that you get all your questions answered and get the information that you are looking for from the bank.     

•    Frequently Asked Questions Page

There is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page also available on the website of the Santander Bank that can be used for finding instant information regarding the banks various services. A whole section of this page has been dedicated to questions that have been formulated to satisfy all the concerns that a customer might have regarding the safety precautions that the bank has introduced. If you are still unclear about anything then you can call the phone number 0844 850 0219 to get it clarified.  

•    British Sign Language via SignVideo

For its customers who are suffering from hearing issues or are patients of hearing loss, Santander Bank has launched a service by the name of SignVideo. You can find it on the Accessibility Page of the bank’s website under the SignVideo tab. Such clients can find the information they are looking for through this method with considerable ease.  

•    Twitter Help

Santander Bank also offers its customers the chance to get in touch with them using social media too. You can send your questions to them as a tweet at @SantanderUKHelp. One of their staff members is going to get back to you as soon as possible.


Santander Bank


Aberdare (17 Victoria Square)
Aberdeen (171-173 Union Street)
Aberdeen (99 George Street)
Aberdeen (422-424 Union Street)
Aberdeen (51 Union Street)
Aberystwyth (1 Great Darkgate Street)
Abingdon (23 Bury Street)
Accrington (29 - 31 Union Street)
Addiscombe (263 Lower Addiscombe Rd)
Aldershot (103 High Street)
Alloa (69 Mill Street)
Alton (46a High Street)
Altrincham (68 Stamford New Rd)
Amersham (51 Sycamore Road)
Ammanford (2 Quay Street)
Andover (33 High Street)
Antrim (46 High Street)
Arbroath (167 High Street)
Armagh (19 Upper English Street)
Ashby-de-la-zouch (24 Market Street)
Ashford (60-62 High St)
Ashford (30 Church Road)
Ashtead (23 The Street)
Ashton-under-lyne (25 - 27 Staveleigh Way)
Ashton-under-lyne (66 Old Street)
Atherton (77 Market Street)
Aylesbury (20-22 High Street)
Ayr (233-237 High St)
Ayr (27-29 Newmarket Street)
Ayr (99 High Street)
Aberystwyth (16 Great Darkgate Street)
Axminster (West Street)
Abergavenny (13 High Street)
Abertillery (5/7 Somerset Street)
Aylsham (1 Red Lion Street)
Arnold (84 Front Street)


Brechin (24 St David Street)
Bristol (12 Baldwin Street)
Bacup (11 St James Street)
Baildon Shipley (18 Northgate)
Ballymena (21 Mill Street)
Banbury (7 High Street)
Bangor (Bangor Library College Road)
Bangor (236 High Street)
Bangor (64 Main Street)
Barnet (136-138 High St)
Barnet London (73 High Street)
Barnsley (22 May Day Green)
Barnsley (3 Queen Street)
Barnstaple (43 High Street)
Barrow-in-furness (225 Dalton Rd)
Barrow-in-furness (228 Dalton Road)
Basildon (4 Broadway North Pitsea)
Basingstoke (Unit 18 Festival Place Shopping Centre)
Bath (42 Milsom Street)
Bath (6 Bath Street)
Bathgate (14 George Street)
Bathgate (93 South Bridge Street)
Batley (51 Commercial Street)
Beckenham (212-214 High St)
Bedford (16 Allhallows)
Bedford (35-37 Midland Rd)
Bedford (9 Church Arcade)
Belfast (2 Chichester Street)
Belfast (423-425 Newtownards Rd)
Belfast (6 Royal Avenue)
Benfleet (283 High Road)
Berkhamsted (230 High Street)
Berwick (37 Marygate)
Beverley (20-22 Toll Gavel)
Beverley (49 Market Place)
Bexhill-on-sea (45 Devonshire Rd)
Bexleyheath (127 The Broadway)
Billericay (97 High Street)
Bingley (155 Main Street)
Bingley (166 Main Street)
Birmingham (156 Broad Street Edgbaston)
Birmingham (112 High Street Erdington)
Birmingham (182-184 High Street Harborne)
Birmingham (161-163 High Street Kings Hea)
Birmingham (25 Union Street)
Birmingham (1109 Warwick Road Acocks Gree)
Bishop Auckland (64 Newgate St)
Bishops Stortford (20-24 Potter Street)
Blackburn (32-34 King William St)
Blackburn (51 King William Street)
Blackpool (34-36 Church Street)
Blackwood (148 High Street)
Bletchley (23 The Concourse Brunel Centre)
Blyth (22 Regent Street)
Bognor Regis (42 High Street)
Bolton (49-53 Deansgate)
Bootle (250 Stanley Road)
Borehamwood (105-109 Shenley Road)
Bournemouth (93 Old Christchurch Road)
Bournemouth (630 Christchurch Rd Boscombe)
Bournemouth (43-45 Commercial Road)
Bournemouth (330 Wimborne Road Winton)
Bracknell (42-44 High Street)
Bradford (2 Darley Street)
Bradford (41 Duckworth Lane)
Bradford (50 Kirkgate)
Braintree (19-21 Bank Street)
Brecon (18 High Street)
Brentwood (76b High Street)
Bridgend (13 Adare St)
Bridgwater (18 Fore Street)
Bridport (C/o Morrisons West Bay Road)
Brighouse (25a Commercial Street)
Brighouse (26 Commercial Street)
Brighton (16 London Road)
Brighton (38-39 Western Road)
Brighton (56 Western Road)
Bristol (95 East Street Bedminster)
Bristol (7-13 Merchant Street)
Bristol Kingswood (23 Kings Chase Shopping Centre)
Brixham (14 Fore Street)
Bromley (15-16 Market Square)
Bromley (88 High Street)
Bromley (260 The Glades Shopping Centre)
Bromsgrove (93 High Street)
Builth Wells (45 High Street)
Burgess Hill (33 Church Road)
Burnley (64 St James Street)
Burnley (Briercliffe Road)
Burnley (96 St James Street)
Bingley House Meadow Lane (Santander Agency Roger Smith (insurance Brokers))
Burton On Trent (11 High Street)
Burton Upon Trent (166 High Street)
Bury (1a Market Street)
Bury (3 Union Street)
Bury St Edmunds (57 Abbeygate Street)
Buxton (73 Spring Gardens)
Ballymena (131 Church Street)
Ballymoney (16 Church Street)
Banbridge (34 Newry Street)
Bideford (16 The Quay)
Broadstone (214 Lower Blandford Road)
Bournemouth (The Square)
Brighton (206 Western Road)
Bexhill-on-sea (3 Devonshire Road)
Brighton (9 London Road)
Basildon (37 East Walk)
Bangor (202 High Street)
Benfleet (229 London Road Hadleigh)
Basingstoke (2 Clapham House Potters Walk)
Bewell House Bewell Street (Santander Agency Young & Co)
Bexleyheath (144 Broadway)
Berry and Co. (Santander Agency Ashby)
Bridgend (3/5 Adare Street)
Belfast (1/3 Wellington Place)
Belfast (63 Royal Avenue)
Beeston (81 High Road)
Brecon (45 High Street)
Barnsley (18 Eldon Street)
Bramhall (3 Woodford Road)
Bury St Edmunds (60 Abbeygate Street)
Banstead (57 High Street)
Birmingham (23 Corporation Street)
Birmingham (69 New Street)
Burgess Hill (25 Church Road)
Bradford (49 Kirkgate)


Clifton (107 Whiteladies Road)
Caernarfon (1 Bridge Street)
Caerphilly (28 Cardiff Road)
Camberley (72-78 High Street)
Camborne (6 Trelowarren St)
Cambridge (60 St Andrews Street)
Cambridge (9 Trinity Street)
Cambridge (49 Sidney Street)
Canterbury (48 High Street)
Canvey Island (28 Furtherwick Road)
Cardiff (4-6 Queen Street)
Cardiff (9 Queen Street)
Cardiff (95 Queen Street)
Carlisle (13-15 Bank Street)
Carlisle (69 English Street)
Carmarthen (2 Dark Gate)
Carmarthen (9 Hall Street)
Castleford (51 Carlton Street)
Castleford (58a Carlton Street)
Chatham (227-229 High Street)
Chatham (237 High Street)
Cheadle (16 High Street)
Cheam (8 The Broadway)
Chelmsford (20 High Street)
Chelmsford (12-14 Chandlers Way South Woo)
Chelmsford (90 High Street)
Chelmsford (4 Village Square Chelmer Village)
Cheltenham (116 High Street)
Cheltenham (124 High Street)
Chester (10 Foregate Street)
Crewe (52 Market Street)
Chester (34 Bridge Street)
Chester (59-61 Foregate Street)
Chester Le Street (57-59 Front Street)
Chesterfield (2 Central Pavement)
Chichester (15 North Street)
Chingford London (50 Old Church Road)
Chippenham (15 - 16 High Street)
Chislehurst (61-63 High Street)
Chorley (41-43 Market Street)
Chorley (8 Fazakerley Street)
Christchurch (24 High Street)
Church Street Enfield (1-2 Market Chambers)
Cirencester (8 Market Place)
Clacton-on-sea (9 Station Road)
Cleethorpes (43 St Peters Avenue)
Clitheroe (1 Castle Street)
Colwyn Bay (16 Penrhyn Road)
Cobham (13 High Street)
Cockermouth (9 Station Street)
Colchester (48 High Street)
Coleraine (14 The Diamond)
Colne (3 Church Street)
Colwyn Bay (9 Penrhyn Road)
Cookstown (14 James Street)
Corby (3 Spencer Court)
Coulsdon (138 Brighton Road)
Cookstown (47 William Street)
Coventry (17a Cross Cheaping)
Coventry (21-23 Smithford Way)
Craigavon (21 Market St Lurgan)
Craigavon (24 Market Street Portadown)
Crawley (36 The Broadway)
Crawley (38-39 Queens Square)
Crewe (22 Victoria Street)
Cromer (46a Church Street)
Croydon (128 North End)
Croydon (46a George Street)
Carlisle (18 Devonshire Street)
Cwmbran (11 North Walk)
Chesterfield (9 High Street)
Christchurch (21 High Street)
Crowborough (4 High Street)
Chandlers Ford (1&2 The Mall Winchester Road)
Colchester (23 Culver Street West)
Chelmsford (89 Duke Street)
Clarkston (24 Busby Road)
Cheltenham (188 High Street)
Cockfosters (10 Station Parade)
Chorlton-cum-hardy (575 Wilbraham Road)
Cardiff (5/7 Queen Street)
Camberley (59 High Street)
Camberley (19 Frimley High Street)
Croydon (73 North End)
Colchester (University Of Essex Wivenhoe)
Chichester (69 East Street)
Crawley (15 Queensway)


Dundee (48 Reform Street)
Dagenham (247 Heathway)
Dagenham (788 Green Lane Becontree)
Dalkeith (25-27 High Street)
Darlington (43 High Row)
Darnall (699 Staniforth Road)
Dartford (42 High Street)
Darwen (10 - 11 Market Street)
Debden (65 The Broadway Debden)
Derby (5 Market Place)
Derby (93-95 St. Peters Street)
Derby (72 St Peters Street)
Devizes (4 St Johns Street)
Dewsbury (12 Northgate)
Didcot (146 Broadway)
Doncaster (25 Baxtergate)
Doncaster (56 High Street)
Dorchester (3 Cornhill)
Dorking (22 South Street)
Dover (24 Cannon Street)
Downpatrick (49-51 Market Street)
Dudley (43 High Street)
Dudley (Unit L74 Merryhill Centre)
Dumfries (130-132 High Street)
Dumfries (136 High Street)
Dumfries (101 High Street)
Dundee (135 High Street Lochee)
Dundee (6 Nethergate)
Dundee (47-49 Reform Street)
Dunfermline (75 High Street)
Dungannon (1 Market Square)
Dunstable (11 High Street North)
Durham (86 - 87 North Road)
Driffield (49 Market Place)
Dunfermline (6 East Port)
Doncaster (16 Baxtergate)
Dudley (235/236 High Street)
Droitwich (15 Victoria Square)


Erdington (233 High Street)
Ely (37-39 High Street)
Exeter (55 High Street)
East Grinstead (56-58 London Road)
Eastbourne (7-9 Cornfield Road)
Eastbourne (124-126 Terminus Road)
Eastcote Pinner (137 Field End Road)
Eastleigh (58 Market Street)
Eccles (10 The Mall)
Edgware (115 Station Road)
Edgware (97-99 Burnt Oak Broadway)
Edinburgh (20 Frederick Street)
Edinburgh (31 Hanover Street)
Edinburgh (125a-127 Leith Walk)
Edinburgh (194-196 Morningside Rd)
Edinburgh (82 Newington Road)
Edinburgh (2-4 Shandwick Place)
Edinburgh (50 St Johns Road)
Egham (45 High Street)
Elgin (147 High Street)
Elgin (62 High Street)
Enfield (199 Hertford Road)
Enfield (51-53 Church Street)
Enniskillen (4 Church Street)
Epping (273-275 High Street)
Epsom (65 High Street)
Esher (41-43 High Street)
Evesham (17 Bridge Street)
Evesham (30 Bridge St)
Exeter (72 High Street)
Exeter (53 High Street)
Exmouth (19 Rolle Street)
Elgin (74 High Street)


Falmouth (23 Market Street)
Falkirk (27 High Street)
Falmouth (7 Killigrew Street)
Falmouth (13 Market Street)
Fareham (77 West Street)
Farnborough (95 Eastmead)
Farnham (17 The Borough)
Felixstowe (61 Hamilton Road)
Feltham (32-34 The Centre)
Finchley (67 Ballardslane)
Fleet (152 Fleet Road)
Fleetwood (76 Lord Street)
Folkestone (104 Sandgate Road)
Forfar (83 Castle Street)
Fraserburgh (43 Broad Street)
Fareham (143 West Street)
Folkestone (101 Sandgate Road)
Falkirk (29 High Street)
Farnham (21 The Borough)


Grange Road (179 The Pyramids Centre)
Gainsborough (11-13 Market Street)
Galashiels (46 Channel Street)
Gateshead (Metro Centre 63 The Galleria)
Gerrards Cross (75 Packhorse Road)
Gillingham (179 High Street)
Glasgow (297 Byres Road)
Glasgow (268 Byres Road)
Glasgow (84 Argyle Street)
Glasgow (86 Bath Street)
Glasgow (2 Bothwell Street)
Glasgow (271-273 Byres Road)
Glasgow (354 Dumbarton Road Partic Cro)
Glasgow (The Forge Unit 52 1221 Gallow)
Glasgow (35-39 Gordon Street)
Glasgow (110 Kilmarnock Road Shawlands)
Glasgow (21 Main Street Milngavie)
Glasgow (212 Main Street Rutherglen)
Glasgow (147 Sauchiehall St)
Glasgow (Springburn Shopping Centre)
Glasgow (Ground Floor 301 St Vincents St)
Glasgow (40-42 Teviot Walk Cumbernauld)
Glasgow (7 The Avenue Newton Mearns)
Glasgow (25 The Plaza East Kilbride)
Glasgow (488 Victoria Road)
Gloucester (24 Westgate Street)
Gloucester (6-8 Westgate Street)
Gloucester (5 Eastgate Street)
Godalming (104 High Street)
Goole (31 Boothferry Road)
Gosport (128 High Street)
Grantham (1 St Peters Hill)
Gravesend (4 King Street)
Grays (30 High Street)
Grays (Unit 268 Thurrock Lakeside Shopping Centre)
Great Yarmouth (29-30 Market Place)
Greenford (28 The Broadway)
Greenhithe (Unit 45 Upper Thames Walk Bluewater)
Greenock (16-18 Hamilton Gate)
Greenock (6 Hamilton Way)
Grimsby (22 Victoria Street)
Grimsby (49 Victoria St West)
Guildford (146 High Street)
Guildford (166 High Street)
Guildford (43 High Street)
Glengormley (1-3 Farmley Road)
Grimsby (13 Old Market Place)
Guildford (152 High Street)


Harborne (139 High Street)
High Wycombe (39 High Street)
Heathfield (56 High Street)
Hempstead Valley (27 Hempstead Valley Shopping Center)
Hadleigh (253 London Road)
Halesowen (9 Hagley Street)
Halifax (7 Southgate)
Hamilton (118-122 Quarry Street)
Havant (7d West Street)
Harlow (Unit 10/10a Water Gardens Sho)
Harpenden (31a High Street)
Harrogate (1 Cambridge Road)
Harrogate (17 James Street)
Harrow (367 Station Road)
Harrow (25 High Street Wealdstone)
Harrow (150 Kenton Road Kenton)
Harrow (412-414 Rayners Lane)
Harrow (64-66 St Anns Road)
Hartlepool (110 York Road)
Harwich (143 High Street Dovercourt)
Haslemere (93e Weyhill)
Haslingden (18 Manchester Road)
Hastings (37-38 Queens Road)
Hatfield (11 Town Centre)
Haverfordwest (37 Bridge Street)
Hawick (56 High Street)
Hayes (16 Station Road)
Hayes (696 Uxbridge Road)
Haywards Heath (37-39 South Road)
Heckmondwike (64 Market Place)
Helensburgh (1-3 West Princess Street)
Helston (11 Meneage Street)
Hemel Hempstead (160 The Marlowes)
Hemel Hempstead (2 Bridge Street)
Henley-on-thames (18 Duke Street)
Hereford (8-9 Broad Street)
Hereford (20/21 High Town)
Herne Bay (135 Mortimer St)
Hertford (2 Market Place)
Hertford (20 Maidenhead St)
Hemel Hempstead (166 Marlowes)
Heswall (143-145 Telegraph Rd)
Heywood (24 Market Place)
High Wycombe (14-15 High Street)
Hitchin (23 Brand Street)
Hoddesdon (3 Fawkon Walk)
Holmfirth (57 Huddersfield Road)
Holyhead (40 Market Street)
Holywell (69 High Street)
Honiton (108 High Street)
Hornchurch (114 High Street)
Horsham (1 South Street)
Horsham (30 Carfax)
Hounslow (208 High Street)
Hounslow (388 Bath Road)
Hounslow (223 High Street)
Hove (103 George Street)
Hove (2 George St)
Huddersfield (20 Cloth Hall Street)
Huddersfield (9-11 King Street)
Hull (21 Prospect Centre Prospect S)
Hull (224 Holderness Road)
Hull (6-8 King Edward Street)
Hull (54/60 Paragon Street)
Huntingdon (44 High Street)
Huntingdon (134 High Street)
Hyde (11 Market Place)
Hyde (31 Market Place)
Hythe (63 High Street)
Holt (29 Market Place)
Hull (57 Paragon Street)
Harrogate (49 Station Parade)
Hanley (6 Parliament Row)
Horsham (4 Carfax)
Huddersfield (9 Ramsden Street)


Inverness (32 Eastgate)
Ilford (28 Cranbrook Road)
Ilford (144-146 High Road)
Ilford (88 High Road)
Ilford (99 High Street Barkingside)
Ilford (37 Station Parade Barking)
Ilkley (7 The Grove)
Inverness (1 Union Street)
Ipswich (1-3a Carr Street)
Ipswich (9 Upper Brook Street)
Irvine (Unit 2/4 Rivergate Centre)
Ipswich (38 Westgate Street)



Kilmarnock (84 John Finnie Street)
Kent (35 High Street)
Kirkcaldy (133 High Street)
Keighley (2-4 Bow Street)
Keighley (Town Hall Square)
Kendal (3 Highgate)
Kendal (35 Stricklandgate)
Kettering (60-64 High St)
Keynsham (67 High Street)
Kidderminster (2 Josiah Mason Mall Rowland H)
Kilmarnock (97 King Street)
Kings Lynn (104 High Street)
Kings Lynn (19 High Street)
Kingsbridge (46 Fore Street)
Kingston-on-thames (59 Eden Street)
Kingswinford (1 Moss Grove)
Kirkham (36 Poulton Street)
Kirkintilloch (45 Cowgate)
Kirkwall (14 Albert Street)
Knaresborough (1 Market Place)
Knutsford (39-41 Princess St)
Kings Lynn (103b High Street)
Kettering (71 High Street)
Kirkwall (22 Albert Street)
Kingston-upon-thames (57d Eden Street)


Luton (15 Manchester Street)
Launceston (19 - 21 Broad Street)
Liskeard (Barras Street)
Larne (54 Main Street)
Lurgan (49 Market Street)
Londonderry (17 The Diamond)
Leith (15-21 Leith Walk)
Liverpool (84 Church Street)
Lerwick (66 Commercial Street)
Linlithgow (43 High Street)
Leeds (58/60 Briggate)


Moulsecoomb Campus (Santander Cockroft Building)
Milton Keynes (572 Silbury Boulevard)
March (10 Broad Street)
Middlesbrough (Unit 1a Captain Cook Square)
Magherafelt (9 Rainey Street)
Maldon (19a High Street)
Myenza Building Priestpopple (Santander Agency Rural Property Services Ltd)
Maidstone (38 King Street)
Macclesfield (10 Mill Street)
Maidenhead (37 High Street)
Maidstone (96 High Street)
Maldon (53 High Street)
Malvern (22 Worcester Road)
Manchester (28/34 Cross Street)
Manchester (58a Bury Old Road Cheetham Hill)
Manchester (1-3 Cross Street)
Manchester (712-716 Wilmslow Rd Didsbury)
Manchester (549 Stockport Road Longsight)
Manchester (Colmar House, Manchester New Road)
Manchester (10 Mosley Street)
Manchester (130 Market Street Piccadilly Gardens)
Manchester (6-8 Flixton Road Urmston)
Mansfield (23 Market Place)
Mansfield (52-54 Westgate)
Margate (110-112 High Street)
Marlow (37 High Street)
Merthyr Tydfil (15 Market Sq)
Middlesbrough (17/19 Linthorpe Road)
Middlesbrough (69 Linthorpe Road)
Middleton (16 Middleton Gardens)
Milton Keynes (29 Midsummer Place)
Milton Keynes (Santander House 201 Grafton Gate East)
Milton Keynes (Lloyds Court 695-697 Silbury Boulevard)
Mold (31 High Street)
Monmouth (28 Agincourt Square)
Morden (52 London Road)
Morecambe (42 Euston Road)
Morley Leeds (91 Queen Street)
Morpeth (17 Market Place)
Musselburgh (123 High Streeet)
Mansfield (9 Stockwell Gate)
Meadowhall Centre (27 The Arcade)
Minehead (6 The Parade)
Marina Place Commercial Road (Santander Agency Changing Homes & Mortgages Llp)


Northwich (52 High Street)
Newry (63 Hill Street)
Newton Abbot (2 Courtenay Street)
Newport (23 St James Square)
Neath (20 Green Street)
Nelson (The Centre)
New Malden (132 High Street)
New Milton (120 Station Road)
Newbury (90 Northbrook St)
Newcastle-upon-tyne (112-118 Northumberland St)
Newcastle-under-lyme (58 High Street)
Newcastle-upon-tyne (112-118 Northumberland St)
Newcastle-upon-tyne (129-131 High Street Gosforth)
Newmarket (104 High Street)
Newport (71 Bridge Street)
Newport (20-21 Commercial St)
Newport (26 St James Street)
Newry (3 Margaret Square)
Newton Abbot (3-5 Queen Street)
Newton Aycliffe (24 Beveridge Way Newtonayclif)
Newtown (Cross Chambers High St)
Newtownards (15 High Street)
Newtownards (17 Conway Square)
North Walsham (6 Market Place)
Norwich (28 St Stephens Street)
North Cheam (503 London Road)
North End Portsmouth (48 London Road)
North Shields (103 Bedford St)
Northampton (1 Market Square)
Northampton (8 The Parade)
Northwich (40 Witton Street)
Northwood (42/44 Green Lane)
Norwich (Davey Hse Castle Meadow)
Norwich (The Bell Hotel 5 Orford Hill)
Nottingham (36 Clumber Street)
Nottingham (27-29 Lister Gate)
Nottingham (79 High Street Long Eaton)
Nottingham (28-30 Wheeler Gate)
Nottingham (2 Clumber Street)
Newark (44 Market Place)
Nuneaton (25 Market Place)
Nuneaton (35 Newdegate Street)
Newport (174 Commercial Street)
Newcastle-upon-tyne (131 Northumberland Street)
Nuneaton (Abbey Gate)


Omagh (10 Market Street)
Oldham (30-34 High Street)
Omagh (59 High Street)
Ormskirk (2 Moor Street)
Orpington (225 High Street)
Oswestry (4-6 The Cross)
Otley (15-17 Kirkgate)
Oxford (116 London Road Headington)
Oxford (Santander House Carfax)
Oxford (Clerici Building Gypsy Lane)
Oxford (276 Banbury Road Summertown)
Oxford Street Bolton (1 Victoria Plaza)
Oxford (1 George Street)
Oxted (135 Station Rd East)


Peterborough (4 Church Street)
Plymouth (161 Armada Way)
Plympton (2 St Stephens Place)
Poole (169 High Street)
Pembroke (15 Main Street)
Portslade (34 Station Road)
Portsmouth (105c Commercial Road)
Provincial House (Santander Agency Aegis)
Petts Wood (97 Queensway)
Padiham (101 - 105 Burnley Road)
Padiham Burnley (34 Burnley Road)
Paignton (50 Victoria Street)
Paisley (13-13a High Street)
Penarth (4-4a Windsor Road)
Penrith (10 Market Square)
Penzance (37 Market Place)
Perth (105 High Street)
Perth (44 High Street)
Peterborough (1 - 4 Long Causeway)
Peterborough (19-21 Bridge Street)
Peterhead (6 Marischal St)
Petersfield (13 Rams Walk)
Pinner (27 Bridge Street)
Pinner (330 Uxbridge Road Hatch End)
Plymouth (65/69 New George Street)
Plymouth (Santander House 157-9 Armada)
Plymouth (78 New George Street)
Plymouth (9 Dean Hill Plymstock)
Pontefract (15 Cornmarket)
Pontefract (23 Market Place)
Pontypridd (4 Taff Street)
Pontypridd (Fraternal Parade Taff Street)
Poole (116b High Street)
Poole (213 Ashley Road Parkstone)
Poole (Part Ground Floor Poole Hse)
Portsmouth (103 Commercial Road)
Portsmouth (81 High Street Cosham)
Poulton Le Fylde (18 Market Place)
Poulton Le Fylde (20 Teanlowe Centre)
Prestatyn (52 High Street)
Preston (102 Fishergate)
Pudsey (33 Church Lane)
Purley (938 Brighton Road)
Paisley (4 New Street)
Pontefract (21 Beastfair)


Queens University Of Belfast (Unit 5 Queens Student Union)


Reading (46 Broad Street)
Romford (59 South Street)
Ramsbottom (29 Bolton Street)
Ramsgate (40 High Street)
Rawtenstall (15 Bank Street)
Rayleigh (61 High Street)
Reading (100 - 101 Broad Street)
Reading (Sava Centre Bath Road Calcot)
Redcar (60 High Street)
Redditch (14 Evesham Walk)
Redhill (9 Warwick Quadrant London Road)
Redruth (59 Fore Steet)
Reigate (26 High Street)
Renfrew (7 High Street)
Renfrew (5 Hairst Street)
Retford (11 Market Square)
Rhyl (52 High Street)
Richmond (35 - 38 George Street)
Rickmansworth (107 - 109 High Street)
Ringwood (16 High Street)
Ripon (15 Fishergate)
Rochdale (63-65 Yorkshire Street)
Rochdale (7-11 The Butts)
Romford (67-69 South Street)
Romford (69 Farnham Rd Harold Hill)
Romford (68 South Street)
Romsey (14 Market Place)
Ross-on-wye (32 High Street)
Rotherham (20-22 Effingham Street)
Rugby (Chestnut House North Street)
Ruislip (73 High Street)
Runcorn (12 Orchard Walk Halton Lea)
Ryde (34 High Street)
Rotherham (18 - 20 College Street)
Room 231, Level 2 (University Of Bath)
Rugby (16 Market Place)
Rossell House Tudor Square (Santander Agency Massers Solicitors)


Saltcoats (19 Chapelwell Street)
Shaftesbury Sq (2/6 Bradbury Place)
Slough (124 High Street)
Stockport (45 Great Underbank)
Stokesley (48 High Street)
St Austell (2 Fore Street)
Strabane (64 Main Street)
Swadlincote (52 High Street)
Shaftesbury (53 High Street)
Southend-on-sea (114 High Street)
Shawlands (57 Kilmarnock Road)
Southampton (11 Above Bar)
Swinton (143 Chorley Road)
Southport (169 Lord Street)
Sale (46 School Road Sale)
Salford (33 Bolton Road Walkden Worsley)
Salisbury (53 Silver Street)
Scarborough (40 Westborough)
Scunthorpe (138 High St)
Seaford (28 Broad Street)
Selby (15 Gowthorpe)
Selby (22 Market Cross Shopping Centr)
Sevenoaks (87-89 High Street)
Sheffield (34-36 Fargate)
Shipley (2 Market Square)
Shipley (5a Well Croft)
Shirley (223 Stratford Road)
Shirley Solihull (203 Stratford Road)
Shrewsbury (20 High Street)
Shrewsbury (Crown House St Marys Street)
Shrewsbury (1 Mardol Head)
Sidcup (39 Sidcup High Street)
Sidmouth (Fore Street)
Sittingbourne (106-108 High Street)
Skipton (19 Sheep Street)
Skipton (67 High Street)
Slough (48 The Observatory High Stree)
Solihull (10-12 Station Road)
Solihull (88 High Street)
South Croydon (174 Addington Rd Selsdon)
South Harrow (285-287 Northolt Road)
Sheffield (26/28 High Street)
Southall (22-24 The Broadway)
Southall (36 King Street)
Southampton (1 Shirley High St)
Southampton (57 Above Bar)
Southampton (434 Bitterne Road Bitterne Vi)
Southampton (The Gower Building 108 Burges)
Southampton (14 Hanover Buildings)
Southend-on-sea (191 High Street)
Southend-on-sea (27 High Street)
Southend-on-sea (9 London Road)
Southgate (6 Chase Side)
Southport (17 Liverpool Road Birkdale)
Southport (25-29 Chapel Street)
Southport (3a Preston New Road Churchtow)
Southsea (73 Palmerston Road)
Spalding (13-14 Bridge St)
St Albans (22 St Peters Street)
St Albans (29 St. Peters Street)
St Andrews (145 Market Street)
St. Annes On Sea (60 St. Annes Road West)
St Austell (36-38 Fore Street)
St Helens (10-12 Bridge Street)
St Helens (14 Church Street)
St Neots (56 Market Square)
Stafford (11 Greengate St)
Stafford (1 Market Square)
Staines (46 - 48 High Street)
Stamford (4 High Street)
Stamford (55 High Street)
Stanley (Cromarty House Front Street)
Stanmore (33 Church Road)
Stanmore (17 Church Road)
Stevenage (96 - 98 Queensway)
Stirling (55 Port Street)
Stockport (20 Deanery Way)
Stockport (48 Princes Street)
Stockton-on-tees (29 High Street)
Stockton-on-tees (43-44 High St)
Stoke-on-trent (2 Tontine Square)
Stoke-on-trent (4 - 6 Town Road Hanley)
Stourbridge (1-3 Foster Street)
Stourbridge (75 High Street)
Stowmarket (16 Market Place)
Stranraer (30 George St)
Stratford-upon-avon (21 Wood St)
Stroud (19 Merrywalks Shopping Centre)
Sudbury (7 Old Market Place)
Sunderland (48 The Bridges)
Sunderland (12-13 Waterloo Place)
Surbiton (12 Victoria Road)
Surbiton (96 The Broadway Tolworth)
Sutton (89 High Street)
Sutton (147 High Street)
Sutton Coldfield (290 Lichfield Road Four Oaks)
Sutton Coldfield (59 Lower Parade)
Sutton Coldfield (89 The Parade)
Swansea (1 Union Street)
Swansea (15 Union Street)
Swindon (32 - 34 Regent Street)
Stratford-upon-avon (7 Henley Street)
Swansea (13 Portland Street)
Solihull (18 Station Road)
Shirley (175a Stratford Road)
Shoreham By Sea (35 - 37 High Street)
Salisbury (13 New Canal)
Swindon (13 Regent Street)


Turriff (17 High Street)
Thurso (1 Olrig Street)
Truro (8 King Street)
Torquay (36 Fleet Street)
The Bridge House Mill Lane (Santander Agency Ian R Collins & Co.)
The Potterrow (Edinburgh University Rooms 1.142&1.14)
Tonbridge (40 High Street)
Tunbridge Wells (148 Royal Victoria Place Lowe)
Taunton (6 Fore Street)
Tamworth (8 George Street)
Taunton (1 Fore Street)
Tavistock (49 Brook Street)
Telford (49 Southwater The Telford Cen)
Tenby (13 High Street)
Tenterden (32 High Street)
The Spindles (Unit 32)
Thirsk (46 Market Place)
Thornton Cleveleys (94 Victoria Road West)
Tonbridge (12 The Pavillion)
Tonypandy (121 Dunraven Street)
Tonypandy (45 Dunraven St)
Torquay (41 Fleet Street)
Totnes (58/60 Fore Street)
Troon (17 Portland Street)
Trowbridge (35 Fore Street)
Truro (31 Boscawen Street)
Tunbridge Wells (28 Monson Road)
Tunbridge Wells (17-19 Grosvenor Road)
Twickenham (1 King Street)
The Peacocks (Unit 38)


Uckfield (15 High Street)
Ulverston (17 New Market Street)
University Of Newcastle (Lgf Union Society Building)
Upminster (21 Corbets Tey Rd)
Uxbridge (174 High Street)



Wibsey (9 Folly Hall Road)
Wisbech (39 Market Place)
Widnes (34a Albert Road)
Warrington (2/10 Horsemarket Street)
Wrexham (11 Hope Street)
Waters Court (29 High Street)
Whitgift Centre (39 Trinity Court)
Winchester (106b High Street)
Ware (55 High Street)
Watford (52 High Street)
West Bridgford (13 Central Avenue)
Worksop (58 Bridge Street)
Woodley (107 Crockhamwell Rd)
Woking (Unit 6 Middle Concourse Peacock Center)
Wakefield (21 Westgate)
Wallasey (14 Liscard Village)
Wallington (49 Woodcote Road)
Walsall (1 Park Street)
Walton-on-thames (8-10 High Street)
Warrington (12 Sankey Street)
Warrington (18-20 Buttermarket St)
Washington (Unit C1 The Galleries)
Waterlooville (296 London Road)
Watford (15-17 Queens Road The Harlequ)
Watford (249 St Albans Rd)
Watford (Santander House 26 The Parade)
Welling (14 Bellegrove Road)
Wellingborough (38 Market Street)
Wells (5 Market Place)
Welwyn Garden City (60 Howardsgate)
Wembley (490 High Road)
Wembley (514 High Road)
Wembley (223 Preston Road)
West Bromwich (Duchess Parade 230 High St)
West Kirby (32 Grange Road)
Walsall (13 Park Street)
Wolverhampton (8 Victoria Street)
Worthing (13 Chapel Road)
West Wickham (30 High Street)
Wakefield (24 Upper Kirkgate)
Weston-super-mare (62 High Street)
Wetherby (41 High Street)
Weybridge (9 High Street)
Weymouth (73 St Thomas St)
Whitehaven (22 King Street)
Whitehaven (43 King Street)
Whitley Bay (269 Whitley Road)
Wickford (18a High Street)
Widnes (25 Albert Square)
Wigan (27-29 Market Place)
Wigan (6-10 Wallgate)
Willerby (Unit 4 Willerby Shopping Park)
Wilmslow (39 Grove Street)
Wimborne (8 High Street)
Winchester (119 High Street)
Windermere (8 Crescent Road)
Windsor (97 Peascod Street)
Wirral (227 Hoylake Road Moreton)
Wishaw (2 Main Street)
Wokingham (26-28 Market Place)
Wolverhampton (32-34 Dudley Street)
Worcester (2 The Cross)
Worcester (4 Broad Street)
Worcester Park (101 Central Road)
Worcester (59/60 High Street)
Workington (60 Pow Street)
Worksop (33 Bridge Place)
Worthing (37 Chapel Road)
Worthing (37 Goring Road)
Worthing (5 Montague Place)
Wrexham (1 Regent Street)



York (28 Coppergate)
Yeovil (32 Vicarage Walk)
Yeadon (25 High Street)
Yeovil (17 Vicarage Street)
Yeovil (28 Middle Street)
York (7 High Ousegate)
York (19 Market Street)


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