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Yorkshire bank Contact Telephone Number

The banking industry has experienced a revolution in the recent past, thanks to technological advancements, and Yorkshire Bank has not been left behind. If you are a customer here, you will have noticed that there are endless advantages of these advancements. Some of these services include mobile and online banking. Telephone banking is one of the hot services in the banking industry today. It is fast, convenient and easy to use. Through the telephone, customers can easily 

Pay bills

Check account balances and statements

Set up or cancel standing orders

Cancel or approve direct debits

Change your account details such as your address

Technology has made banking so much easier and convenient. However, it has also given rise to a group of smart frauds who can now harvest information from simple interactions such as a phone call or a click on the PC. 

Keeping you safe from fraud

Yorkshire understands that as a customer, there are endless threats to your identity and money. Therefore, they have placed sufficient measures to ensure that you are safe. Some of these measures include complying with data protection act and providing all customers adequate information on how to spot suspicious phone calls.

Warnings about telephone scams

The most frequent telephone scams are those that are initiated by the fraudsters. They may call you with their own number, or spoof the bank’s number so that it appears as a genuine concern. It may be that a person once heard you make a follow-up on a bank transaction and decided to call you with a spoofed number to scam you. Therefore, be on the lookout for the following telephone scam tactics to avoid being defrauded.

Common scam calls

A cold call from a senior bank staff warning you of suspicious activity in your account and asking for personal information (even the most basic such as date of birth or address) to verify your identity
They may ask you to call your bank to verify the concern. Now if you hang up the call and call your bank immediately, chances are that they may be listening to your conversation or may have redirected the call to another one of their numbers
The new call you make to your bank (which you believe is genuine) may ask you for sensitive information such as your credit card number of PIN, passwords, security codes etc. for authentication
In most cases, scam calls, especially from numbers that appear genuine, may not have a dial tome if they are spoofed. However, today, most of these numbers today have a dial tone
The call may last a while with the caller asking you multiple times to verify your details. The reason for the prolonged call is to allow the scammers to perform multiple online transactions as well as block notifications for suspicious transactions

Points to consider when talking to a bank staff

While it is sometimes necessary to contact Yorksihire bank such as when you lose a credit card, there are a few things that a genuine bank staff will not do. Here is how to know that you are talking to a genuine bank staff
The caller will make a formal and complete identification (at least 2 names, bank name and bank branch)
You will never be asked for sensitive information such as passwords, security questions, PIN numbers, social security numbers, or full credit card number (even when you are reporting a stolen card)
You will not be pressured into making any decision or giving out information. Frauds thrive on creating a false sense of urgency to confuse their victims. Therefore, if any caller tries to pressure you into doing anything you do not feel comfortable with, hang up

Pointers when you are calling the bank

It is easy to spot a scam when getting a cold call. It becomes tricky when you initiate contact. How do you make sure that you are safe when calling your bank? Here are a few pointers to guide you.

Always use a telephone number that you have personally verified. You can always verify from the official website or from you bank statement

Never give out sensitive information such as full card number, PIN numbers, security question answers etc. through the telephone 

Keep your phone safe from bugging to avoid revealing sensitive information to scammers

Parting shot

It is important to do your part to protect yourself from scammers and identity thiefs. There are endless online resources that can adequately educate you on how to spot scams, avoid them or make reports in case you fall for a scam. Make use of this information and stay safe.

Yorkshire Bank Bank


Accrington (81 Blackburn Road)
Alfreton (14 High Street)
Altrincham (86 Stamford New Road)
Armley (1 Town Street)
Ashby High Street (25 Broadway)
Ashton-under-lyne (26 Market Avenue)


Blackpool (2-4 Abingdon Street)
Banbury (66 High Street)
Barnoldswick (2 Newtown)
Barnsley (1a Peel Square)
Batley (1 Commercial Street)
Beeston (33-34 The Square)
Berwick Hills (8 Norfolk Place)
Beverley (39 Saturday Market Place)
Billingham (71 Queensway)
Bingley (107 Main Street)
Bishop Auckland (22 Newgate Street)
Blackburn (40 Church Street)
Bolton (37 Bradshawgate)
Bradford (14 Broadway)
Bramley (215 Town Street)
Bransholme (34-35 Goodhart Road)
Bridlington (28 Queen Street)
Brighouse (16 Bradford Road)
Bulwell (66 Main Street)
Burnley (25 Manchester Road)
Burton-upon-trent (184-185 Station Street)
Bury (5-9 The Rock)
Blackpool (110 Central Drive)
Barnsley (2 New Street)
Bradford (165 Toller Lane)
Bradford (850-852 Manchester Road)


Cannock (1 Market Place)
Castleford (81 Carlton Street)
Chadderton (5-7 Chadderton Precinct)
Chapel Allerton (53 Harrogate Road)
Chapeltown (12 Lound Side)
Chesterfield (89 New Square)
Chorley (30-32 Market Street)
Cleckheaton (12 Bradford Road)
Clitheroe (2 Market Place)
Coalville (25 New Broadway)
Colne (2 Market Street)
Coventry (7-11 High Street)
Crewe (41 Victoria Street)
Crossgates (10 Austhorpe Road)
Church Street (1 The Penny Hill Centre)
Coton Road (Warwick House)


Darlington (35-37 High Row)
Dewsbury (46 Market Place)
Driffield (45 Market Place)
Dudley (211-213 Wolverhampton Street)
Dewsbury Road (Unit 28)


Elland (Southgate)
Ellesmere Port (5-7 Marina Drive)
Eston (182-184 High Street)


Featherstone (84 Station Lane)
Filey (5 Murray Street)


Gloucester (5 Northgate Street)
Goldthorpe (4 Doncaster Road)
Goole (Market Square)
Grantham (10 High Street)
Grimsby (12 Bethlehem St.)
Guisborough (19 Church Street)


Halifax (7 Waterhouse Street)
Harrogate (21 James Street)
Hartlepool (118-120 York Road)
Heckmondwike (76 Market Place)
Hull (279 Hessle Road)
Heywood (1 York Street)
High Wycombe (48 Oxford Street)
Hinckley (5 Market Place)
Hull (214 Holderness Road)
Horsforth (32 Town Street)
Hucknall (43b High Street)
Huddersfield (40 New Street)
Hyde (68-70 Market Street)
Hill Top (1-2 The Arcade)


Idle (3 The Green)
Ilkley (7 Brook Street)
Immingham (22 Kennedy Way)



Keighley (73 North Street)
Kendal (7 Stricklandgate)
Kettering (6 Market Street)
Knaresborough (36 Market Place)


Leeds (329 Harehills Lane)
Leeds (6 Otley Road)
Leeds (8 Kirkgate)
Leeds (7 Capitol Parade)
Leeds (370 Harrogate Road)
Linthorpe (2 Oxford Road)
Leeds (18 Woodsley Road)
Leeds (194 York Road)


Middlesbrough (7 Linthorpe Road)
Middlesbrough (307 Linthorpe Road)
Macclesfield (15 Market Place)
Malton (7 Wheelgate)
Mansfield (26 Westgate)
Meadowhall Regional Shopping Centre (37 The Arcade)
Mexborough (6a High Street)
Middleton (9 Middleton Park Circus)
Morley (86a Queen Street)


Nelson (21 Manchester Road)
Newcastle Upon Tyne (29-31 Pilgrim Street)
Normanton (11 Market Place)
Northallerton (116 High Street)
Northampton (7 Gold Street)
Norton (53 High Street)
Nottingham (11 Smithy Row)


Oldham (47 Market Place)
Ossett (36 Station Road)
Otley (10 Kirkgate)


Prospect Street (46 Prospect Centre)
Parkgate (61 Broad Street)
Peterborough (10 Church Street)
Peterlee (19-21 The Chare)
Pickering (11 Smiddy Hill)
Pontefract (25 Ropergate)
Preston (3 Orchard Street)
Pudsey (Waver Green)


Queensbury (58 High Street)


Redcar (25 Station Road)
Redditch (2 Evesham Walk)
Retford (Market Square)
Richmond (1 Market Place)
Ripley (30 Oxford Street)
Ripon (36 Market Place)
Rochdale (9/11 Yorkshire Street)
Rotherham (1 Frederick Street)
Royton (2-4 Market Square)


Sheffield (211 Whitham Road)
Sheffield (661 Staniforth Road)
Sheffield (Fargate)
Sheffield (446 Firth Park Road)
Sheffield (2 Haymarket)
Scunthorpe (163 High Street)
Sheffield (157 Bradfield Road)
Scarborough (24 Huntriss Row)
Seacroft Green Shopping Centre (Unit 2)
Selby (16 Market Cross)
Shaw (66 Market Street)
Shipley (1 Westgate)
Skipton (High Street)
South Bank (14 Middlesbrough Road)
South Shields (22 Denmark Centre)
St. Helens (6 Bridge Street)
Stafford (52 Greengate Street)
Stalybridge (18 Melbourne Street)
Stockport (34 Princes Street)
Stockton On Tees (46 High Street)
Sunderland (31 Blandford Street)
Sutton-in-ashfield (14 Low Street)
Sheffield (139 The Moor)
Sheffield (681 Chesterfield Road)


The Grange Shopping Centre (2 Princes Pavement)
Thornton Cleveleys (12a Crescent East)
Tamworth (3 George Street)
Thirsk (14 Market Place)
Thornaby Town Centre (York House)
Thorne (Market Place)
Todmorden (6 Halifax Road)




West Street (12 The Interchange Centre)
Wakefield (6 - 10 Northgate)
Warrington (28-30 Buttermarket Street)
Wath-upon-dearne (4 Sandygate)
Wellingborough (35 Sheep Street)
Whitby (72-74 Baxtergate)
Widnes (20 Albert Road)
Wigan (35-37 Market Place)
Wolverhampton (66-67 Victoria Street)
Wombwell (56 High Street)
Worksop (50 Bridge Street)



Yeadon (17-19 High Street)
York (46 Coney Street)


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